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David Ogilvie Kee (not verified) February 27, 2014

I am of the opinion there is actually nothing the West can do , The mindset of the Protagonists is such that they might as well be living on a different planet. Nuances upon nuances are exactly nothing. It was an error to enter Iraq , as bad a Saddam Hussein may have been it proves a strongman of his calibre was needed, as long as Israel hides behind the skirts of the USA whilst behaving in a manner rememiscent of their Nazi oppressors The West will never have any credibility, Oops Political Correctness.

biscott@diploma... February 27, 2014

Key players in this Theatre of Suffering are also Russia and the UAE, adding complexity to the mix. It is precisely because "the West" has its hands tied in a game of politicking and positioning that I would like to give the all-clear to the one thing which we do relatively well, because we do it with conviction and unanimity, namely humanitarian aid. And that means disentangling the humanitarian concerns from the political ambiguities inscribed the Geneva Communiqué. However, it is perfectly possible that, as you suggest, those ambiguities are intentionally planted there as a pretext for non-action.

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