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Nothing begets success like failure

Published on 10 December 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

Richard Boly is one of the most consistent and successful innovators in eDiplomacy. His work at the US State Department is rightly lauded as a signal case-study for how change can be achieved through a sustained process of development, even with relatively limited funds, as long as it is strongly backed – or led – from the top and Diplomats are put in charge of design and decision-making. In this video extract of a presentation Richard made during a panel discussion at the eDiplomacy Geneva Day on the 24th November 2012 he describes the origins of the program and shares what he sees as some of the reasons for its success. 

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Richard is generous with his time and learning. There are many resources online with more information on the programme at State, including this summary of an hour long interview. This second clip gives more background to Richard’s career:

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