Mary   27 Jan 2014   E-tools

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There are only 24 hours in a day. Nothing we can do will change that. And for some, 24 hours might seem like an eternity; for me, it's never enough. My to-do list seems to grow instead of shrink and one fleeting moment last week where it had only two items on it lasted for just that... a fleeting moment.

If, like me, you're struggling to keep abreast of what Google can offer, you might find inspiration in this web article: 10 Great Google Apps Tips. Want to transfer money to someone, try using Google Wallet. Wish you'd never been included in an e-mail conversation? Use the mute button to stop the thread reappearing and cluttering up your inbox. Stop double-doing and add events to your calendar directly from gmail. Use Google Drive to send large files or respond to e-mails without even opening them. And there's more.

If you can find ten minutes in your day, it's worth a read.

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