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#eDipGeneva: are you e-competent?

Published on 16 November 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

The #eDipGeneva day has kicked off with over 100 diplomats registered. It is a practically oriented event with a how-to focus. The purpose behind Diplo’s E-diplomacy days is to try to go beyond the limited perception of e-diplomacy as a concept of public diplomacy, as Jovan Kurbalija has stressed.

Pete Cranston then provoked the audience – seeming to include many active social media users – to take up their role as a digital citizen and realize they have a responsibility in their organisations. Introducing the five Cs of digital competences (Curate, Critique, Create, Communicate) he followed with a number of practical tips. 

Filtering found and validated information is a very crucial element in the “curate phase”.  But how can you curate your digital presence? Wikipedia is the highest searched tool to find information and therefore the organization’s image – do you mange and control that. Huge issues of privacy come in. Can you control it? If we do not curate our digital presence, we have no control on how we or our children are seen on the Internet.

A very basic, sceptical but fundamental question came from the audience: why do we actually tweet? Shall we take it for granted there is an added value? Why should we? As the discussion continued, it was evident that people may have very different motivations for using Twitter or similar tools – from reaching an audience that is of a value to you to seeing Twitter connections as a big family of contacts or helping to digest what is interesting for your followers while attending a meeting.  These tools give you a huge opportunity to Communicate.

Create your content, and Critique by assessing the quality of information but also being able to track the conversation going out outside your own bubble. Communicate implies we are talking about a real conversation.

Pete Cranston’s presentation is uploaded here:





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  1. Mahfuja Parven
    Mahfuja Parven says:

    Greetings and thanks a lot
    Greetings and thanks a lot for nice initiative . Previous i saw Diplofoundation activities – its blog- comments , correction in one words – direction , nice indeed!Hope to see online event.Peace, love and Best Regards.


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