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Published on 04 March 2010
Updated on 05 April 2024

In diplomatic life it is often necessary to organize meetings which involve the participation of several individuals.

Either for internal briefings or for external meetings  or just for a simple appointment with many people, it is not always easy to find date and time arrangements that can be acceptable to all participants (or at least to key participants). In the past continuous telephone calls among Secretaries would, in the end, produce a tentative date and time. It can be a very time-consuming exercise. Using current available online tools for scheduling, can make this exercise a much easier and faster one. Doodle is one of the best services currently available online for this kind of activities.

Doodle basic service allows you to set up a survey (or a poll) to propose date and times for an event to schedule.The service allows you to create a schedule proposal (time and date) and send the proposal to different people (it creates a link). Those invited will easily give their indications (choosing among the different scheduling options proposed) directly on the page contained in the link. You will be able to monitor the responses. When the poll is over you will be able to choose the most suitable time and date and communicate it automatically to those who have been involved in the exercise.

Doodle offers different levels of services. Doodle’s basic FREE functions can be used without any download or registration (not even your email-address if you do not want to). Premium Doodle and Branded Doodle are more advanced services which can be personalized, but they can be used only on a subscription basis.


Doodle is a free online application available at https://www.doodle.com

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