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Anarchist (not verified) July 11, 2014

Crypto Currencies are a wonderful thing in my opinion, it provides the public with an alternative currency that is unmonitored. The world now knows that nothing is private anymore, every detail of your life is documented by something. Crypto Currencies change this.

Crypto Junction (not verified) November 17, 2014

"Anyone can create cryptocurrencies by transmitting the solution for the previously unsolved mathematical-computational problem (using the proof-of-work system). All nodes work on this ‘problem’ and once the solution is found, that block is closed and all of the nodes move forward to the next problem (the next block in this chain). Nodes, or ‘miners’ as they called, are rewarded for dedicating their computer power to the safety of network. This reward is in the form of a specific number of Bitccoins and transaction fees paid by others." I find this explanation confusing, you should separate the facts that creating a cryptocurrency and actually mining it. You don't create cryptocurrency when you mine, you are simply rewarded with token of value for providing power to the network.

darman sudoku (not verified) August 02, 2017

Crypto Currencies ar a beautiful issue in my opinion, it provides the general public with an alternate currency that's unmonitored. the planet currently is aware of that nothing is non-public any longer, each detail of your life is documented by one thing. Crypto Currencies modification this.

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