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Anonymous (not verified) June 13, 2013

I have attended some of the IGF sessions in Baku last year as a remote participant, and I have as well been constantly following Diplo's monthly webinars. It surely could have been much more productive if I would have been there physically (the change in time is a problem in itself as well sometimes), but still even when I'm not an active remote participant I am learning new things by being part of an event remotely. Personally I value e-participation a lot, and judge my remote participation experience to be truly great.

Ginger Paque June 14, 2013

Thanks for your comment--there is no doubt that 'virtual jet lag' can be a problem, especially if you are attending meetings in GMT+3 and your family is living in GMT-5. When we attend meetings physically, we tend to focus completely on immersion in that event. When we attend remotely, we are often juggling 'normal' professional and personal lives as well. Controlling our local/remote environment is another topic we should be discussing to improve the quality of remote participation! I hope you attend the e-participation event on 19 June and join the discussion. See you there! Ginger

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