Big data’s tremendous potential for marketing, connectivity, and efficiency

Dane Burkholder   22 May 2017   Data Reflections, Diplomacy, E-tools

Big data: The next accelerator for diplomacy?

Barbara   16 May 2017   Data Reflections, Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy

5 things I’ve learned on public speaking

Jelena Ožegović   08 May 2017   Diplo Blog, Diplomacy

Standardisation: Practical solutions for strained negotiations, or an arena for realpolitik?

Virdzinija Saveska   07 May 2017   Diplomacy, Webinars

Implicit communication: upcoming two-day event

Editor   23 Mar 2017   Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy

Diplomats as Writers – Marrying the Arts and Diplomacy

Katharina Hone   14 Mar 2017   Diplomacy, Webinars

Geneva Prenegotiations on Syria: Will Washington diplomatically headless, let Russia take over

G. R. Berridge   06 Mar 2017   Diplomacy

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