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E-participation at its height: Remote Participation

E-participation takes many forms, some in amazing quantities of transactions adding ease and speed to citizen and other services. That is quantity well-acheived through technology.

I propose that the zenith of quality and the most amazing attributes of e-participation are embodied in Remote Participation techniques which allow those with limited resources of time, money and physical ability to participate in an eco-friendly fashion. By remote participation, I do mean actual participation, not just remote viewing or remote attendance. Remote Hubs, remote presentations, remote interventions and questions are all part of inclusive processes such as the IGF (see www.igfremote.info/ and www.intgovforum.org/)

See a breakdown of participation at the 2009 IGF in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt here, with remote participation detailed at the bottom.

What other policy process are you familiar with that allow for actual remote participation? Please share your experiences.

16 March 2010
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