Panda’s diplomacy in crisis as pandas return home

Pandas continue returning home to China from the United States, Britain, and Australia. This move in ‘panda diplomacy’ reflects, among other aspects, China’s dissatisfaction with deteriorating relations with Western countries. The pandas are expected to be returned to China by the end of next year.

The National Zoo in Washington will return its three pandas to China in December as their loan agreement expires. Likewise, unless a new deal is reached, the Atlanta Zoo’s four pandas are expected to depart next year. December will also witness the departure of Britain’s last two pandas from the Edinburgh Zoo, and Australia may lose its only pandas next year if an existing agreement is not extended.

The article also highlights the historical significance of pandas in U.S.-China relations since President Richard M. Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, during which Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai offered giant pandas as a symbol of improved ties between the two countries. Soon, there may not be a single panda in the US zoos.

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