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The evolution of diplomacy in the Caribbean

Author: Ezra Thomas,
Date: 2013
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This paper will focus on the development of diplomacy in the Caribbean and how it impacts the development of small Caribbean States, paying attention to the regional, bilateral and multilateral levels of diplomacy.
Through qualitative research, I will examine the factors which contribute to diplomacy in the Caribbean, including a historical aspect of diplomacy which will explain how diplomacy began in the Caribbean; a theoretical perspective of diplomacy in the Caribbean; the impact of diplomacy from a regional, bilateral and multilateral aspect; and culminating with a possible way forward for diplomacy to benefit the small Caribbean States. Special attention will be placed on the work of the Organization of Caribbean States (OECS) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in the region and the United Nations (UN), The Commonwealth and the African Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP-EU) in the multilateral level of diplomacy.

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