Multistakeholder diplomacy

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Regulating social media: a multistakeholder ‘content congress’

Danielle Tomson

You do not have to be a fan of conspiracy theories to worry about the precedent that Apple, YouTube and Facebook set by banning Alex Jones and Jones complained that it was like ‘something out of “198...

Multistakeholderism and Internet governance in Cameroon

Manyi Arrey Orok-Tambe

As Internet governance (IG) grows increasingly important on international agendas, institutional coordination of the multistakeholder process is emerging as an important factor for successful IG outcomes. As laid out ...

Effectiveness of multistakeholderism: the Kenya ICT Review 2016


Collective decision making is not alien to African culture. In many traditional societies, decisions were made by a council after listening to the views of different age groups and other societal groupings. In Kenya f...

Day 3 of the 9th IGF in Istanbul


As the ninth meeting of the IGF continues to debate the issues around Internet governance in Istanbul this week, elsewhere in the city, the Internet Ungovernance Forum is also holding forth. This initiative is organis...

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Updating International Geneva to the Data-driven Era (Briefing Paper #12)

In this briefing paper, Ms Rafaela Marinho and Mr Avi Krish Bedi outline their research on how international organisations (IOs) in Geneva address and use big data in their work.... Read more...

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The multistakeholder model in Internet policy-making: A case study of Paraguay

Internet Governance was a vague topic in Latin America and especially in Paraguay. Only after Snowden´s revelations of mass surveillance, the topic becomes familiar. ... Read more...

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Stakeholderism in African Internet Governance: the Case of the .africa gTLD

In 2012, ICANN announced plans to delegate over 1000 new generic top level domain names, one of which was the long awaited .africa.... Read more...

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World Bank Symposium: Assessment for Global Learning

This session highlighted the need for a clear vision and strategy on the part of the international development community if we are to overcome the global “learning crisis”. This vision must place learning at the core of the post-2015 development agenda – as a t... Read more...

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