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Diplomacy as poetry

Biljana Scott

Can poetry help diplomacy? A joke, surely! Poetry and diplomacy are worlds apart and have nothing in common other than usi...

[WebDebate #10 summary]Diplomats as Writers – Marrying the Arts and Diplomacy

Katharina Höne

In our March WebDebate, we explored the contribution of diplomats to literature and cultural heritage and also looked at how art and diplomacy can be usefully combined. We asked: What can we learn from diplomats who a...

Ambiguity in footnote diplomacy: Serbia and Kosovo

Jovan Kurbalija

Ambiguity in diplomacy came in useful again last week. On Friday, Serbia and Kosovo reached an agreement for Kosovo representation at regional fora. Till now, Serbia, who opposes Kosovo’s indep...

Is ambiguity an effective diplomatic tool?

Jovan Kurbalija

29 June 2002


Arguments can be found both against and for the use of ambiguity in diplomacy. Opponents point out that an ambiguous formulation in a treaty or agreement does not actually resolve a problem but simply puts it off unti...



To Begin the World Anew: The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders

When I feel dispirited about the current crop of political leaders in Switzerland or around the world, I like to take refuge in one of the most uplifting political stories of mankind – the American Revolution.... Read more...

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Misunderstood: The IT manager’s lament

Communication between information technologists and their clients – including diplomats - does not work as well as it should. We know that information technology has become ubiquitous. We also know that diplomats rely extensively on web services, electronic mail and ... Read more...

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Ambiguity versus precision: The changing role of terminology in conference diplomacy

Part of Language and Diplomacy (2001): Of central concern in the field of negotiation is the use of ambiguity to find formulations acceptable to all parties. Professor Norman Scott looks at the contrasting roles of ambiguity and precision in conference diplomacy. He ex... Read more...