The MyData conference gathers an international crowd from business, academia, civil society, and governments to take a human-centred approach to personal data and discuss its global management. It is organised around 12 thematic tracks: &...
  30 Aug 2017

UNESCO’s CONNECTing the Dots conference continued yesterday afternoon with eight break-out sessions on access, privacy, freedom of expression and ethics. We followed the second break-out session on privacy (break-out session 7), in which the p...
 5 Mar 2015

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[Update] The Rapporteur's summary of the panel discussion, including the speakers' complete interventions, is available. UNESCO’s CONNECTing the Dots conference is currently under way in Paris (3-4 March). Its aim is to discuss the fir...
 4 Mar 2015

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[Update] Read the conference's outcome document, adopted during the final plenary session [Update] Report from Day 2: Build a legacy for future generations, connect bridges - some suggestions for future action made during the Options for Future...
  4 Mar 2015

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The purpose of this paper is to open up one field of inquiry, to set some cornerstones, to stir your curiosity and to propose some food for thought. In nature, this paper belongs to the realm of philosophical inquiry. Language will hereafter be treat...


Part of Language and Diplomacy (2001): Benoit Girardin takes a philosophical approach to rhetoric - along with the issues of interpretation and ethics. He examines each of these three fields and its relation to diplomatic practice and negotiations, showing with examples how diplomatic language exhibiting either a lack or an excess of any of these qualities may lead to problems. Girardin pays special attention to the Mediterranean region and the monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that have featured in its history and culture. He proposes a set of basic principles for diplomats: methods for maintaining or attempting to create a situation in which interpretation, rhetoric and ethics are all balanced and productive negotiation is possible.

Language and Diplomacy. Ed by J. Kurbalija and H. Slavik (2001)
 Benoit Girardin, 2001

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