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The  May 25th 2010 launch was held at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. Ambassador Hans Winkler, director of the Academy, delivered an inspiring introductory speech.

From longhand to Twitter

Gud aftRnun. It iz plSUR 2 b w U 2day...

The UN was the setting for the NY launch of the DiploFoundation E-diplomacy Initiative with core partners Malta, Switzerland and AT&T.

Where better to post a 'Twitter Blog' of the Washington DC E-diplomacy Initiative Launch than in e-participation? Read the tweets, make your comments, continue the discussion!

On April 27th, the DiploFoundaton E-diplomacy Initiative was launched at the UN in New York.

The participants were welcomed by representatives of the core partners of the e-diplomacy initiative:  Mark Miceli, Maltese Ambassador to the USA,  Norbert Baerlocher, Head of Communications &

I was not even in Europe, but I attended the Brussels launch of the e-diplomacy initiative. Not only that, I shared the step-by-step process with our eDiplomat Twitter followers!

The Brussels Launch was addressed by the partners of E-diplomacy Initiative: Ambassador Richard Cachia Caru

It is estimated that there were approximately 4.5 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world at the end of 2009. This number is equivalent to over 60% of the world’s population.

Video-conferencing was a big hype in the 1990s when it was promoted as a way to replace traditional meetings. As with much hype, it was followed by a "disillusionment" phase.


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