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[Webinar] Global Internet politics after IGF 2013 in Bali: developments and outcomes

31 October 2013 -


Event description

The pace of Internet politics has accelerated. New developments continued to unfold as the 8th IGF convened last week. Join us Thursday, 31st October, for a just-in-time webinar on the outcomes of IGF 2013.

[Update] The digest and webinar recording are available here.

This is an eventful time for Internet governance. The 8th IGF meeting, held last week in Bali, convened stakeholders to discuss pressing issues following the NSA revelations; new events related to Internet surveillance continued to unfold; the upcoming Brazil/ICANN meeting was discussed in more detail; and Internet governance is said to be in crisis.

Dr Jovan Kurbalija will summarise the major developments and outcomes of the 8th IGF, during our October webinar on Thursday. What were the main conclusions on Internet surveillance? Is the Brazil/ICANN initiative the way out from the current Internet governance crisis? How are the main players positioning themselves in the new landscape of global digital politics?

Join us Thursday, 31st October, at 14:00 pm UTC/GMT (15:00 pm CET). To participate, please fill in the registration form. Participants will be able to engage in discussions on the topic.

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It is diplomacy, regardless of how technical a topic is. Dr Kurbalija conveys an underlying message in his blog post, It IS Diplomacy, stupid!

Internet governance is entering the premier league of global governance and global diplomacy, with both good and bad consequences. Read more here.

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