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Policy Meets Tech: Unpacking satellite technologies 

18 June 2024

Geneva - In situ

Event description

Policy meets tech

Last autumn, Diplo, with the support of the US Mission, launched the Policy meets tech series to assist Geneva-based diplomats in unpacking the complex world of digital technologies and their policy implications. As the series draws to a close, our final event will be devoted to the analysis of satellite technologies, organised in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and followed by a cocktail reception.

Highlights: Artificial satellites have been orbiting our planet for quite a while now, and have been used for various purposes, from Earth observation and  navigation services to weather monitoring and telecommunications. In recent years, the number of such satellites has been growing significantly, raising a wide range of policy issues and challenges related to space traffic coordination, space debris and environmental pollution, and the sustainable utilisation and exploitation of space resources (to name a few). But what exactly do we talk about when we talk about satellites, and what are the key underlying technologies? Who is doing what – at an international level – in the field of outer space governance, and where are we going from here? Why should small and developing countries not only pay attention to space governance processes, but also get involved? 

Guests: Guiding a discussion on these and other tech and policy issues surrounding satellite technologies will be: 

  • Alexandre Vallet | Chief, Space Services Department,  Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Sorina Teleanu | Director of Knowledge, Diplo

Reception: The cocktail reception, from 18:00, will mark the completion of the Policy meets tech series. Dedicated to both heads of missions and experts, the reception will offer us an opportunity to debrief about the key lessons gained during the series and outline suggestions for further activities to empower diplomats to actively and meaningfully contribute to global digital policymaking processes. An invitation will be sent to your head of mission and we would be grateful if you could follow up on it.

This is an invitation-only event. For details, please contact Ms Sorina Teleanu, Director of Knowledge, at