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Mid-Year Tech Attaches Briefing: AI tools and GDC in focus

04 July 2024

Geneva - In Situ

Event description

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The past six months have been packed with events and developments in the digital governance space. And two terms have surely stood out: artificial intelligence (AI) and the Global Digital Compact (GDC). We’ve talked about both during many of our past briefings.

As we wrap-up this busy half of the year, we are inviting Geneva diplomats to a mid-year briefing – on 4 July – in which AI, and possibly the GDC, will be again in focus.

Starting with AI, this time we’ll leave aside policy discussions, and do something else: We’ll guide you through several AI tools we have developed at Diplo (e.g. for reporting, drafting) that are relevant for your work as diplomats. And discuss more broadly about the AI transformation of diplomatic services and intergovernmental organisations.

Of course, we are not forgetting about the GDC. If the next version (rev.2) is released in early July, as planned, we’ll do our best to read it before the briefing and highlight key changes and things for you to pay attention to.

The event is part of a series of regular briefings the GIP is delivering for diplomats at permanent missions in Geneva following digital policy issues. It is an invitation-only event.

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