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[Webinar] Internet governance in 2014: Between change and continuity

14 January 2014 -


Event description

It’s an eventful year ahead for Internet governance and digital politics. The upcoming São Paolo meeting, several ICANN activities, and the election of ITU’s new leadership are a few of the events geared to shape policy developments. The webinar will address ‘known knowns’ and ‘known unknowns’ in Internet governance. Join us and help to discover  ‘unknown unknowns’ in digital politics ahead of us.

[Update] The digest and webinar recording are available here.

As in previous years, Diplo’s first IG webinar of the year will sum up the main developments for the last year, and look into the main predictions for 2014.

Diplo’s director Dr Jovan Kurbalija will look into our crystal ball and discuss the year’s predictions. He will focus on ‘known knowns’: a continuation of the current processes and major events in 2014; and the ‘known unknowns’: What should we expect from and after the Brazil meeting in April? Which other events are set to shape future IG discussions? Which issues are likely to take centre-stage this year?

As we realised in 2013 with Snowden, there are are always unknown unknowns. The webinar discussion may help us to guess some of them.

Join us for this annual crystal ball exercise, on Tuesday, 14th January 2014 at 14.00 GMT. You will be able to discuss the topic with Dr Kurbalija and other participants present for the webinar. Attendance is free.

Registrations are now closed.

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