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[Webinar] Evolution of Diplomacy and Technology

28 January 2014 -


Event description

This year is a year of two major anniversaries in diplomacy: in 1814 the Vienna Congress – one of the most successful multilateral negotiatons in history – started, and in 1914 the First World War – one of the major failures of diplomacy – began. In this series of monthly webinars, we will cover these two and other developments in the evolution of diplomacy and technology.

We will start this historical journey with our January webinar on Diplomacy in the Prehistoric Era (Tuesday, 28th January 2014 at 14.00 GMT / 15.00 CET).

About the January webinar

When you look at the January im01-praistorija-X3age on your Diplo desktop calendar, imagine that the actors in it were probably the first diplomats. They represented some group or other, just as we do today. They negotiated as we do today, using more-or-less the same techniques of persuasion. They tried to develop bonds beyond the simple truce, in fights, as we do today. They were searching for compromise, often unwillingly, as we do often today.

In our monthly discussions, we will search for links between historical developments and contemporary diplomacy and their relevance to our discussion on e-diplomacy. For example, what can we learn about e-diplomacy from the ways in which the telegraph and radio have affected diplomacy over the last two centuries? or…. How does e-communication affect human empathy?

We invite you and your colleagues to join us in this journey through the history of diplomacy and technology.

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