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DiploFoundation at 9th Internet Governance Forum

01 September 2014 - 05 September 2014


Event description

DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) will be actively engaged at the 9th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) with the theme Connecting continents for enhanced multistakeholder Internet governance. Join us for the following events, workshops and reception, and visit our booth throughout the week:

DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) are actively engaged at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Join us for the following events.

[New] Read Dr Jovan Kurbalija’s speech at the High Level Leaders’ Meeting here
[New] Data mining analysis results from IGF2014: High optimism and low realism mark the start of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
[New] Day 4 of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
[New] Day 3 of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
[New] Day 2 of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
[New] Days 0 and 1 of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
[New] Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) in full voice at 9th Internet Governance Forum this week

1 September

Beyond NETmundial: The roadmap for institutional improvements to the global Internet governance (IG) ecosystem (9:00-18:30) Room 2. This full-day event will consist of a discussion panel organised by and the Brazilian government, to include a presentation of the preliminary findings of the research study ‘Achieving bottom-up and multistakeholder outcomes from global Internet governance policy Discussions: Extracting lessons from NETmundial’ from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), and DiploFoundation, with support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), on the NETmundial process and outcomes. 

High-Level Leaders Meeting (14:00-17:45) Main Plenary Hall. With a presentation by Dr Jovan Kurbalija.  Read Dr Kurbalija speech here

2 September

Orientation session (9:30-11:30) Main meeting room. With Dr Jovan Kurbalija (speaker) and Vladimir Radunovic (moderator) and a remote presentation from GIP/Diplo RP expert, Ginger Paque. View recording here:

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Webinar: Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (September 2014) (13:00-14:00 CET) The September Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance webinar will take place live from the IGF in Istanbul. [New] Webinar rescheduled for Tuesday, 9th September. Read more and register

Opening ceremony/opening session (14:30-17:15) Main meeting room. With a presentation for Civil Society by Deirdre Williams, Internet Governance Caucus co-coordinator. View recording here:

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and click here to read (finished) transcript.

Geneva Internet Conference (GIC) (15:30-16:15) Galata Hall. The GIC will be organised as a process with numerous preparatory and follow-up activities. Users and communities worldwide will participate in interactive and engaging sessions (e-participation and remote hubs). Before the conference, substantive discussions will be held (primarily online) around three key themes: overcoming policy silos, evidence-informed policy-making in IG, and funding for IG.

Geneva Internet Platform: where the Internet meets diplomacy (16:30-17:15) Galata Hall. A presentation on the Geneva Internet Platform, the place where the Internet meets diplomacy. The GIP is located in the heart of International Geneva. In such a rich IG environment, it serves as a neutral and inclusive space for addressing Internet policy issues, supporting official diplomatic and policy processes.

3 September

WS152: Internet governance: challenges, issues, and roles (09:30-10:30) Room 6. With Dr Jovan Kurbalija as a panellist. Click here to view (raw) transcript

WS 95: Working together: initiatives to map and frame IG (11:00-12:30) Room 1. How to effectively map IG, with a presentation by Dr Jovan Kurbalija. View recording here:

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Main/Focus session: Towards a common understanding of network neutrality (14:30-17:30) Main meeting room. Facilitated by Diplo’s Vladimir Radunovic. View recording here:

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Ten years of the Internet Governance Book – ten thousand copies – ten languages (17:30-18:15) Galata Hall. The launch of the sixth edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, a book that is used in many universities and on training courses as a textbook. This latest edition provides an update based on the most recent dynamic period in the history of IG. Join us for a discussion on the development of the IG textbook and the future of teaching IG. Launch followed by reception. View recording here:

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4 September

Main session: The evolution of the IG ecosystem and the role of the IGF – reaction to NETmundial, CSTD, WSIS, the ITU, other forums) (9.30-12.30) Main meeting room. With Dr Jovan Kurbalija acting as co-moderator. View recording here:

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WS 82 Alternative routes protecting human rights on the Internet [CB] (9.00-10.30) Room 9. Enforcing the correct level of human rights protection is very often a matter of jurisdictional reach. In cyberspace, there could be two obvious alternatives if creating a separate jurisdictional space: the technological option and the legal option. This session is organised by the coordinator of the FP7 MAPPING project, in which Diplo is a partner. View recording here:

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5 September

WS124 Future IG infrastructure workshop (9:00-10:30) Room 2. This workshop, organised by DiploFoundation, consists of two debates. Motions will be presented: one related to the globalisation of ICANN and the IANA transition, and the other related to the roles of stakeholders. Oxford-style, two teams of two will respectively support and confront each motion within strictly timed and guided debates. View recording here:

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Capacity Building Roundtable (12:45 – 14:30) Room 9. This roundtable will gather interested stakeholders to discuss current and future capacity building initiatives. Supported by DiploFoundation. View recording here:

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Diplo/GIP booth (All week) Village Square

The DiploFoundation/Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) booth in the IGF2014 Village Square will present dynamic illustrations explaining basic IG concepts. Join us for news and updates on major Diplo projects (GIP, IGF data mining, capacity development activities, the FP7-funded MAPPING project). A limited number of IG books and other materials, including a glossary of IG terms will be available; the latter is a ready reference tool for newcomers and oldtimers alike, as we navigate the labyrinth of acronyms and abbreviations in IG.

GIP and Diplo alumni and fellows will be available to offer an overview of capacity building possibilities in blended, online, just-in-time, and in situ formats, as well as other new Diplo projects. The Diplo booth is also a traditional meeting place for Diplo alumni and friends.

IGF2014 group on Diplo’s IG online community

Members of Diplo’s IG online community are invited to join the IGF2014 group on, and share news, announcements and comments related to the 9th IGF.

(Note: all times are Istanbul local time, unless otherwise indicated)

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