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[Briefing #76] Internet governance in June 2021

29 June 2021


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Join us for this month’s Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing on Tuesday, 29th June, at 12.00 UTC (14.00 CEST).

The June Briefing will provide a round-up of policy updates, analysed by our experts, including:

  • The Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, which signalled the start of a consultation process on cybersecurity. 
  • The G7 Summit, NATO Summit, and the EU-US Summit, all of which discussed digital policy, including frontier technologies, taxation, ransomware, e-trade, and data flows.
  • The second cyber OEWG’s organisational session, which mapped out its work for the upcoming five years.
  • The digital policy events to keep an eye on in July and August.
  • Plus, the major policy updates from various regions, analysed by our experts on the ground.

Register below and join the Digital Watch Internet Governance Briefing on Zoom for an interactive experience or watch our live streams on YouTube and Facebook on the last Tuesday of each month. 

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