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DiploNews – Issue 108 – 31 July 2007

DiploNews – Issue 108 – July 31, 2007

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Autumn Online Courses from Diplo

We are currently accepting applications for our Autumn 2007 online courses. With a September start date we are offering: 

These three courses are available as Online Certificate Courses. The application deadline is 13 August 2007. For more information please visit our course website.

Starting in November:

These two courses are available as Online Credit Courses (application deadline: 24 September 2007) and Online Certificate Courses (application deadline: 22 October 2007).  For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our course website.

Taoism and Mediation

Apropos to our note regarding philosophy and diplomacy in the previous Diplo Newsletter, we bring your attention to the Diplo Taoism and Mediation website based on the article, “Taoism and the Metaphoric Analysis of International Dispute Mediation” by G. Richard Holt, Hui-Ching Chang, and David Steingard. The central argument of the article is that through the notion of wu wei or actionless activity, Taoism provides mediators with the means to settle cases without imposing decisions. The website displays a number of Taoistic adages and their application to mediation.

The Crisis in Global Health Care

Global health governance is in crisis and in desperate need of renewal, asserts an important new book released by Ashgate and The Centre for International Governance Innovation. Governing Global Health: Challenge, Response, Innovation, edited by Andrew F. Cooper, John J. Kirton, and Ted Schrecker, responds to the failure of current governance arrangements in coping with realities in global health care. Their premise is that the war for global health is being lost on many fronts. Diseases such as polio and tuberculosis are resurfacing, and new ones, such as SARS and avian influenza, are appearing. The threat of bioterrorism adds urgency to efforts in international cooperation in this area. Governing Global Health examines the challenges and responses to these health issues and the roles of central institutions like the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, and the G8. Further details and ordering information are available from The Centre for International Governance Innovation.

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