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DiploNews – Issue 107 – 16 July 2007

DiploNews – Issue 107 – July 16, 2007

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Autumn Online Courses from Diplo

We are currently accepting applications for our Autumn 2007 online courses. With a September start date we are offering: 

These three courses are available as Online Certificate Courses. The application deadline is 13 August 2007. For more information please visit our course website.

Starting in November:

These two courses are available as Online Credit Courses (application deadline: 24 September 2007) and Online Certificate Courses (application deadline: 22 October 2007). For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our course website.

Globalisation Means Cambodia Needs Better Diplomacy

An interested visitor to the Diplo website sends a pertinent message regarding diplomacy in Cambodia. He indicates that the past ten years have marked Cambodia’s integration into regional, international organisations and other inter-governmental organisations, resulting in economic growth, poverty reduction, and human resource development. However, globalisation has also resulted in gaps between the rich and poor and unequal growth between cities and rural areas. Even as globalisation increases, however, Cambodia has poor relations with neighbouring and distant countries. To benefit from globalisation, Cambodia needs quality diplomacy. But quality diplomacy requires training and, presently, no training in diplomacy exists in Cambodia. The present lack of diplomatic education in undergraduate or graduate schools results in a lack of diplomatic and international-relation specialists. You can see the entire article at E-zine Articles.

Vicheka Lay was a former legal assistant to a member of the Cambodian Parliament. He is currently a translator for DFDL Mekong Law Group and an LL.M Candidate (International Law). He is also a member of the Legal Writing Institute (LWI), a legal professional community based in the US. Email: vicheka@mail.lawguru.com.

Philosophy and Diplomacy

According to a recent article in China View, China’s modern diplomacy rests heavily on the country’s ancient philosophical tradition. In this tradition, differences are a natural state of affairs between nations and societies, but they can be reconciled in an harmonious manner. Confucius believed that harmony embodies “coordination, combination, integration and peace among different elements.”

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