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Generation Y sets its rules of good behaviour

Aldo Matteucci

29 February 2024

At university, Generation Y follows strict conduct guidelines, but might these rules hinder genuine interactions and direct personal communication? Aldo Matteucci analyses.

The Yamashita trial: What do we know about command accountability?

Aldo Matteucci

20 February 2024

In 1945, General Tomoyuki Yamashita was tried and executed for war crimes he was held accountable for under the principle of 'command accountability', despite not ordering or being aware of his subordinates' actions.

13th WTO Ministerial Conference: What is at stake for digital trade?

Marília Maciel

The thirteenth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (MC13) will take place from 26 to 29 February, in Abu Dhabi. On this occasion, WTO members will take stock of advancements since the 2022 Ministerial, and will seek to agree on a framework to guide negotiations in the next two years.    In general, no […]

New Germany’s digital foreign policy strategy: Between continuity and change

Jovan Kurbalija

13 February 2024

Digital foreign policy

Digital is a strategic priority for Germany. It is the key message of Germany’s Strategy for International Digital Foreign Policy, released on February 7, 2024. Germany has joined Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, and a few other countries in outlining its digital foreign policy in a strategic document. The strategy follows the traditional three pillars of global […]

From alpha bullies to Bernard machines: The evolution of prosocial behaviour

Aldo Matteucci

11 February 2024

How did the evolution of human prosocial behaviour shift from alpha dominance to a more egalitarian society?

AI optimism in geopolitically pessimistic Davos


02 February 2024

In the serene backdrop of the Swiss Alps, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos stands as a barometer for the year’s technological zeitgeist. Tracing back to 1996, when John Barlow’s proclamation of cyberspace’s independence echoed through these halls, WEF has consistently heralded the arrival of groundbreaking tech paradigms – from the rise of social […]

The diplomatic consequences of Mrs Sacoolas

Geoff Berridge

02 February 2024

Following a tragic 2019 incident where Anne Sacoolas, a US diplomat's wife, fatally struck a British motorcyclist, the UK and USA have updated diplomatic immunity laws.

The New Space Race: Navigating the Stars in the 21st Century

Nikola Božić

31 January 2024

Space diplomacy

In January 2024, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) achieved a significant milestone by successfully landing their Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) on the lunar surface. This mission made Japan the fifth country to achieve a soft landing on the Moon. In August 2023, India marked a significant achievement by successfully landing on the Moon’s […]

Discourse dynamics: Human nature and global politics

Aldo Matteucci

29 January 2024

Aldo Mateucci analyses the intricate relationship between culture, communication, and international diplomacy.

Commentary on the right to be imperfect

Aldo Matteucci

25 January 2024

Dear Jovan, Plato argued for leaving the dark cave of contingent imperfection for the light’s perfection. You plead to go in the opposite direction, adding a twist. Imperfection is essential: it makes us “human.” By implication, “imperfection” would be an anthropologic concept. Imperfection rests in us, not the cave. I’d like to verify and question […]