[Summary] RightOn #7: How to prevent COVID-19 becoming a humanitarian disaster

Natasa Perucica   22 May 2020   Diplo Blog

Waking up to the 'new normal' or What does a post-COVID-19 world look like in small island developing states (SIDS)?

Tracy Hackshaw   14 May 2020   Diplo Blog, Diplomacy

[Summary] RightOn #5: Contact tracing and challenges to privacy

Jonathan Andrew   07 May 2020   Diplo Blog

How disease shapes political narrative

Katarina Andjelkovic   07 May 2020   Data Reflections, Diplo Blog, Diplomacy, E-tools

Internet governance in April 2020

Andrijana Gavrilovic   04 May 2020   Internet Governance

[Summary] RightOn #4: COVID-19 and women: the gendered impact of the crisis

Natasa Perucica   30 Apr 2020   Diplo Blog

Exploring the potential of official/state-owned/institutional social media accounts in the fight against misinformation

Manyi Arrey Orok-Tambe   30 Apr 2020   Alumni, Diplo Blog, Diplomacy

An assessment of autonomous drones’ potential during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sebnem Tugce Pala   28 Apr 2020   Diplo Blog, Internet Governance

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