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By Ana Andrijević on 18 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s:

(with contributions from Aida Mahmutović)

The fight over personal data transfers between the European Union (EU) and the USA is not over. Earlier this month, a second legal challenge directed at the Privacy Shield framework was raised.

By on 17 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplo Blog, Internet Governance

Some takeaways from the Internet & Jurisdiction Conference, held in Paris, France, from 14 to 16 November 2016

By Michael J. Oghia on 17 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Let me start with this, a more common utterance than not that I have often said as well as heard: when it comes to the Internet, I am not a technical person. What I mean is that I did not major in computer engineering, website development, computer science, telecommunications, or a related field. Moreover, while I am sure I could figure it out, I never rooted my old Nexus 4 or flashed a ROM.

By on 15 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Mr Markus Kummer and Prof. Rolf H. Weber have joined the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) as Senior Digital Policy Fellows as of 1 November 2016.

By on 15 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Webinars, Internet Governance

Cyber-attacks using smart devices, new bilateral cybersecurity agreements, and discussions on the challenges surrounding advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) were among the main developments in the month of October.

By Bernardo Javalquinto on 14 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

Economic and development diplomacy are not neutral; in fact, they are always based on specific developmental and economic paradigms. Taking a step back, diplomats do well in re-thinking some of these paradigms. Last year’s Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa made suggestions regarding the role of philanthropy and innovative ways of financing. Taking this as a starting point, this blog post offers reflections on the social business model.

By Tsendnyam Enkhchimeg on 11 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplo Blog, Internet Governance

Exactly a year ago on November 11th, the Singles’ Day- an entertaining festival widespread among young Chinese people, to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single -Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant made $14.3 billion, largely through its online shopping platforms such as and This was more than double the total e-commerce sales of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined in the U.S.

By Anar Sarsenova on 06 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

Co-authored with Ms Diana Madibekova

Diplomacy as a practice crucially depends on the use of language. The words of diplomats can foster agreement, persuade, or create tensions. Similarly, international law creates meaning and obligations through the use of language. It is, therefore, important to take a step back from the day-to-day work and reflect more broadly on the use of language in diplomacy and international law.

By on 04 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: E-Diplomacy

This list of 25 points relies on experience gathered over more than 20 years of analysing new technologies in diplomacy, their hype, their sudden disappearances, and their occasional survivals. The list reflects research on digital diplomacy, quantitative  analysis of digital trends, as well as discussions with practicing digital diplomats (see more).

Although many points focus on social media, the list covers an overview of different aspects of digital diplomacy (beyond social media).

By on 04 Nov, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy, Webinars

Our WebDebate in November focused on the question: ‘What is needed for a curriculum on Gender and Diplomacy in diplomatic training academies?’ The debate produced the first building blocs for a curriculum and pilot training in gender and diplomacy.


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