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By on 16 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

The attention of the global Internet community is very much focused these days on the IANA stewardship transition process. The umbilical cord between the US government and ICANN is expected to be cut on 1 October; afterwards, ICANN is to function as an entity accountable to the global multistakeholder Internet community. With this date rapidly approaching, both the supporters and the opposers of the transition tend to become more and more vocal in arguing for their positions.

By Aida Mahmutović on 16 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Nine months after the invalidation of the Safe Harbour Agreement, the European Commission (EC) confirmed that the new EU-US Privacy Shield affords adequate protection to the privacy of EU citi­zens. The framework imposes stronger obligations on US companies and requires the US govern­ment to more robustly enforce the new provisions and monitor their implementation.

By on 15 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

Gender equality is undeniably important in diplomacy. The need for women’s political participation has been repeatedly emphasised.

By on 14 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy, Webinars

Can negotiation skills be taught? Some argue that they cannot; they are only acquired through practice. But while it is true that any skill is honed through deliberative practice, Prof. Raymond Saner, teacher of international and multi-stakeholder negotiations at the University of Basel, and Prof. Paul Meerts, visiting professor in international negotiation analysis at the College of Europe in Bruges, believe that teaching negotiation is not only possible but absolutely crucial.

By on 12 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Webinars, Internet Governance

The summer months were uncharacteristically busy for Internet governance. NATO declared cyber to be the fourth military domain, while the EU-US Privacy Shield was approved. The Microsoft judgment will impact other jurisdiction cases, while e-commerce is gaining momentum.

By on 09 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

How does the Internet work? Well, let's think of a traditional phone, or telegraph - imagine it as the Einstein's cat... Or, think of data packets as letters... or envelopes. Better still: think of packets as passengers. Or cars, or buses. Or...

By on 07 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

G20 leaders had their annual summit on 4-5 September, in Hangzhou, China.

By Milan Jazbec on 29 Aug, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

We negotiate throughout our lives.

We first learn to negotiate by simply imitating adults and then continue by somehow automatically developing our own patterns and approaches. The measure of our accomplishment is in how we succeed in daily life and manage its endless activities.

By on 29 Aug, 2016 | From the channel/s: E-Diplomacy

Rogers’ diffusion of innovations curve and Gartner’s hype cycle help explain the crucial interplay between the possibilities that are offered by digital tools, and the realities of technology perception and adoption at diplomatic services. This blog aims to provide a reality check to the current ‘blue sky’ coverage of digital diplomacy by providing a third graph, combining Rogers’ insights on technology adoption and Gartners’ depiction of hype cycles.

By on 22 Aug, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

As a continuation of our June blog post, let me put forward the following logical question: If sociology of diplomacy really is missing in the observation of this ancient phenomenon, what is it and how can we define it? As a starting point, let us try to focus on the issue of its definition.


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