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Where to find Diplo in July? Asia!

Published on 04 July 2016
Updated on 05 April 2024

This month, Asia will be at the centre of many Diplo activities. Here is a round-up of what to expect. More updates will be made available during the month.

  • Where to find Diplo in July? Asia!In the preparations for the Model ASEM summit in Ulaanbaatar (6-10 July), Diplo’s Dr Katharina Hoene will run a diplomatic training course in cooperation with ASEF. She will train a group of Asian and European students about the basics of diplomacy and multilateral diplomacy.
  • At the ASEM Summit (15-16 July), the ASEF Secretariat, Diplo and the University of Turku will launch the the ASEF Outlook Report 2016/2017 – CONNECTIVITY: Facts and Perspectives. The publication features a study by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, From Harmonising Cyberpolicies to Promoting Twiplomacy: How Diplomacy Can Strengthen Asia-Europe’s Digital Connectivity.
  • You will also find Diplo in Vietnam, where Dr Jovan Kurbalija will participate in the conference Fundamental Science and Society on 7-8 July. The conference, organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology, Popular Committee of the Province of Binh Dinh, Rencontres du Vietnam, and Rencontres de Moriond, will take place at Quy Nhon.

Missing Diplo already? Don’t worry, we will keep you up-to-date with blog posts about our activities!


Read the update: Diplo director addresses international workshop on Fundamental Science and Society (8 July)

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Where to find Diplo in July? Asia!

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