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Chip Sharp (not verified) April 24, 2014

Regarding "roles and responsibilities": When used by governments referencing WSIS or the Tunis Agenda, the term "roles and responsibilities" must be read in conjunction with paragraph 35 of the Tunis Agenda where the roles are actually defined. In fact, the Tunis Agenda needs to be read as a whole and not piecemeal, picking out favorite paragraphs. Note also that the Tunis Agenda does not recognize "academia" and "technical community" as stakeholder groups.

Chip Sharp (not verified) April 24, 2014

Regarding "Orphan Issues": This term has also been used to refer to issues that are being dealt with by one or more existing institutions but not necessarily in the way a particular speaker likes, or is being dealt with by an institution that a particular speaker isn't aware of.

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