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Successful debut for new AI course – 42 countries represented in May courses cycle

Published on 30 August 2019
Updated on 05 April 2024

First AI course comes to a successful end – next course to start in October

DiploFoundation’s new course Artificial Intelligence: Technology, Governance, and Policy Frameworks provided 26 students with in-depth knowledge to enable them to assess critically the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) and understand the opportunities and challenges it creates across a broad spectrum of areas. Conceived in particular for policy-makers and diplomats, the course covers technical topics like big data, machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning in an easy-to-understand way, to support decision-makers. In addition, the course introduces the implications of AI in fields such as security, human rights, and development. 

Due to high demand, the course will be back in October with added supplementary material, as confirmed by course lecturers Dr Katharina Höne and Ms Marília Maciel.

Successful debut for new AI course – 42 countries represented in May courses cycle

Student feedback following this course was overwhelmingly positive:

  • ‘I can say I have learnt a huge amount, not just from the lecture texts and readings but also from all the participants. As an introduction to AI, this course was excellent.’
    Liz Galvez, Former senior diplomat with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • ‘I especially enjoyed the fact that all issues were looked at from different, often contrasting, perspectives, including ethics, human rights, security, governance, and technology perspectives.’
    Lorenzo Vargas, Programme Manager, World Association for Christian Communication, Canada 
  • The tutors are so exceptional and very helpful. From the course, I enjoyed the modules on AI and Human Rights as well as AI and Cybersecurity. Actually, I have already begun applying the knowledge acquired.’
    ​Daniel Bill Opio, Cyber Law Initiative, Uganda
  • ‘DiploFoundation’s course on AI mapped the different challenges AI entails in fundamental rights, the socio-economic and geopolitical fields. The structured discussions among the participants helped consider inclusive governance and policy solutions.’
    Isabelle Dochy, Government Affairs and Public Policy Professional, Brussels, Belgium

The next AI course will start on 7 October. Applications are now open.

May courses register 90% completion rate

Alongside the newer AI course, Diplo’s May courses session also included long-running courses: Bilateral Diplomacy, Diplomacy of Small States, and E-Diplomacy.

Altogether, the four courses registered an average completion rate of 90% – a standard success rate for Diplo which positively contrasts with a lower success rates usually achieved in the industry of online learning. In particular, the new AI course stands out with the completion rate of 96%.

Students from this cycle hailed from 42 countries from all over the world, underlining the relevance of the topics covered.

DiploFoundation’s next courses cycle starts in October. Check out our Course Catalogue.

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