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Celebrating 20 years of DiploNews

Published on 02 September 2019
Updated on 05 April 2024

Over the years, Diplo’s alumni base grew to over 6,000 professionals from 201 countries. Our websites, home to the latest information on all that we’ve been doing, have attracted thousands of monthly visitors from all around the globe, with an interest in diplomacy, digital policy, and more.

For the last 20 years, we’ve kept our e-mail subscribers and website visitors updated with all that’s been going on at Diplo.

DiploNews keeps our audience updated with the latest news with regards to events, blog posts, courses and study opportunities, and publications. The latter includes Diplo’s own research, and the GIP Digital Watch Newsletter – analysing rising trends in the world of digital policy.

Celebrating 20 years of DiploNews

At Diplo we understand that technological innovations usually bring with them a lot of hype, but also considerations that need to be tackled:

Technology brings excitement. It has an element of magic. Yet, the way technology impacts society is not only about excitement and opportunities. It is also about inequalities, risks, and discontent,’ says Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Diplo’s founding director. 

‘At Diplo, we focused on both excitement and endurance. It is our public duty to ensure that policymakers have impartial, insightful, and impactful reflections on technology and society. It is especially the case for small and developing countries which do not have the luxury of tech failures. DiploNews is a small step in this journey of interplays between “technology and humanity”.’ 

So here it is, to 20 years, and more to come!

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