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Internet governance joins diplomacy in the real world news

Published on 25 May 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

Have you ever doubted the importance of Internet governance? Probably not, because you realize that how the Internet is managed affects us today, and will shape our future. But Internet governance is taking a place on the diplomatic stage as well, as governments acknowledge its importance. An article in Rice University’s Futurity, by David Ruth-Rice says: 

Internet governance policy has moved from being a relatively marginal issue in US foreign policy to be a significant component of the country’s international affairs and national security strategy.

Read the full article, Internet a key player in US foreign policy and the paper it refers to From Tunis to Tunis: Considering the Planks of U.S. International Cyber Policy 2005-2011, for a view on IG’s place in the world today, and whether IG and the WSIS were involved in the development of the Arab Spring.

For an Associated Press update of the Arab Spring by country: Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Persian Gulf, see A nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring’s progress


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