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Mary February 21, 2013

When I was five, I'd beg my mother to let me stay up late - just another five minutes, mum... pleeeeease. When I was fifteen, I'd beg her to let me stay in bed longer - just another five minutes mum.... pleeeeease. Now I work from home and try to balance my work (online) and my life (offline) - but it's difficult. I find myself saying - just another five minutes... and then I'll log off. These five minutes add up - sometimes to a whole day. My solution? I have one day each week (usually Saturday or Sunday) when I don't even switch on my computer. Then I don't have to worry about turning it off. This is Step 1.

Ginger Paque February 25, 2013

Great point, Jovan, but I disagree with the reference to Luddites in your title. As you note, it is not being a Luddite to keep the use of e-tools in balance. It is a misuse of e-tools to lower the quality of our work or professional obligations, and it is also a misuse of these tools, if they result in neglecting our other responsibilities, to family, to friends, yes, even to ourselves. E-tools must be used appropriately, even if that means turning them off sometimes. This is an important point, and I hope to see more discussion on it here.

biljana (not verified) February 25, 2013

hi jovan, good opservation. i'm sure taht you think also about social and human aspect... we are human beings, not machines...we just use the machines, and we can still control how to use them.... sooo i suggest to you (and others): Next time take a whole holiday, and if you are at holiday forget about work. :) Only fully (not half-half) rested you'll be able to continue work successfully using the machines named e-tools. (by the way how was skiing, the weather...?) Nothing new, but it's always good to be reminded...that we are the one who decide (choose)! and now i'm off-line! up to next switching, big greeting from bern! and warm regards to your family!

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