Ginger Paque   29 Mar 2010   E-Diplomacy, E-Learning

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E-learning is not just "like learning"... it is learning... and so its tools must be appropriate to the knowledge process and knowledge objective. Web 2.0 Twitter, mobile classes and learnlets are wonderful for incidental, short scope learning projects.  But these "short attention span" tools are very different from the investment of time and energy necessary for career training and achievement of long term goals.

We must be cautious: e-learning must avoid the stigma of a fad or superficial tool in the splash of the current learning 2.0 splash. Serious, effective academic learning can be achieved online, with the advantage of asynchronous time management for busy diplomats, and at-home, or office, off-campus study without travel or transport costs.

I would like to explore this aspect of e-learning, dealing with significant topics such as:

  • the validity of online learning
  • the difficulty of evaluating online learning programs
  • the low completion/success rate of most online learning programs
  • other topics: post your suggestions.

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