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E-diplomacy: Training and Capacity Development

Published on 03 November 2011
Updated on 19 March 2024

Last week I delivered presentation on training and capacity development in e-diplomacy at the College of Europe conference Challenges facing the 21st century diplomat: Representation, communication, negotiation, and training” (Bruges, 25-26 October 2011).


The presentation focused on a cognitive illusion triggered by a very low entry point into e-diplomacy and a very high bar for making e-diplomacy communication effective. While we can learn to write a blog, or use Twitter or Facebook in a few hours, maximum one day, we need much longer, at least one month, to understand the social media milieu, and much longer still to embed new ways of working into a team or an organisation.  The session also discussed how to develop ‘social media credentials‘ (engaging, relevant content) while preserving ‘diplomatic credentials‘ (avoiding unnecessary political controversies and reducing risk). Click here to read the annotated presentation with the main PPT slides, notes, and reflections from discussion.

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