Stephanie Borg Psaila   10 Jul 2011   E-Diplomacy

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We might be past that phase where we ask whether diplomats should blog or tweet. Today we might ask, who are the diplomats who tweet? What do they talk about on Twitter? Of course, you need to be following them on Twitter to know.

A good way to start following diplomats who tweet is by following DiplomacyEdu's new Twitter list: @Diplomacyedu/Diplomats-on-Twitter. As I write this, the list (only two days old) is already following 23 diplomats, and counting.   

At first, the aim behind this list was simply to group diplomats on one list to help me follow them, and read their tweets and blogs. But there could more advantages to it, such as, to show that diplomats are embracing social media too, to highlight their efforts in engaging with the public, and to encourage other diplomats to establish their presence on social media.

I'm sure there are many more diplomats who tweet, and that number is on the increase. 

So, if you're a diplomat and use Twitter, post a comment here or message (or DM) @DiplomacyEdu or @ediplomat. If you know any diplomats who tweet, let us know too!


  • Charlie (not verified), 08/13/2020 - 11:19

    I think diplomats using twitter is a natural evolution, though their followers will be closely scrutinised and their lists quite closed. There are a limited number who would legitimately follow them and as we know, twitter is open to much abuse when in the wrong hands. Usage of social media networks I would consider to be essential but with care of course. A though provoking post.
    Thanks Charlie @

  • Bikram singh (not verified), 08/13/2020 - 11:19

    I Think there is no harm if diplomats are using twitter its the power of social media which allow us to come together on a conman platform where we can know each other and find out what is happening around us.

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