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Participate remotely at the 6th IGF meeting

Published on 15 July 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024

If you are unable to attend the 6th IGF in Kenya in September, there is no excuse! You can still participate remotely: follow the discussions, watch the webcast of the event and participate through video or chat.

Remote participation, and specifically the hubs structure, has had a successful history in previous meeting, thanks to the partnership between the United Nations IGF Secretariat and the Remote Participation Working Group (RPWG). Diplo has also offered its support in the past, and will strengthen its support for the upcoming IGF meeting.

If you plan to participate remotely, why not expand the discussions and organise your local IGF hub! Last year, participants from one of the remote hubs explained how beneficial their experience was: ‘We never had such an opportunity in the past to witness and participate in this forum. We are all really appreciative… Quality of video and audio has exceeded our expectations. Though we all participated remotely, clarity of webcasts made us feel we were there.’

For info about the interaction remote hubs have to offer to participants, how to set up your local hub, and the advantages of organising a hub, click here. Online training will be offered to hub organisers prior to the event. Register here.

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