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Designing the new IG building

Published on 17 November 2014
Updated on 05 April 2024

The IG building illustration has served us well as an IG awareness-building tool over the last 10 years. It was sketched 10 years ago during one of the long WGIG meetings. The building reflected the Internet of 2004 when, for example, Twitter did not exist and social media was just emerging.

We invite you to join us in designing a new Internet governance building. How different should the new 2014 IG building be? Should it be more solid and sophisticated?



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One idea is to add two more floors (human rights and cybersecurity) to the initial five from the 2004 building (infrastructure and standardisation, legal, development, economic, and sociocultural).  And what about a Net neutrality elevator linking the different IG floors?

You can make your suggestions on the current sketch of the building. You can also join us online for the session on IG mapping during this week’s Geneva Internet Conference (17‒19 November 2014). The new IG building will emerge during the conference and the accompanying online discussion.

Help us with the construction at this link.

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