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Karen /@karmel80 (not verified) October 12, 2012

Disappointed to see you meant curating only as curating one's own image and reputation on the internet. That for me is not really curating more re-editing and keeping up to date. I thought you meant the curating information that we as diplomats share as part of a network. Being an e-diplomat is not only about producing content and having an image to broadcast. Being part of a network means that we give back to the people we are in a network with. Curating information received from others is a service to the people that follow us and as a positive side-effect show that we are plugged in with good connections.

petecranston October 15, 2012

Karen, thanks for the comment, and I absolutely agree! I didn't mean to give the impression that curation is as narrow as that. 'Feed the network and it will feed you back" has always been one of my mantra and I'll make sure I am clearer next time. (for interest, I have also started doing more explicit curation of links from others on the blogs, more or less fortnightly: here is the last one

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