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Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance – First Graduates

Published on 26 January 2018
Updated on 05 April 2024

Two years ago, Diplo introduced a new capacity development programme, the Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance. The programme was built around a selection of online courses focussing on Internet governance (IG) issues: Introduction to Internet Governance, Internet Technology and Policy, Cybersecurity, and E-Diplomacy. The programme aims to help participants develop solid knowledge and practical skills in the area of Internet governance policy-making, one of the most important global policy issues in the digital era.

Today, we are proud to introduce the first holders of the Advanced Diploma. As we’ve come to know them throughout their Internet governance journey, we can say with confidence that they have developed the skills to deal with privacy protection, human rights online, and cybersecurity issues, to name just a few. They have built their expertise to make significant contributions to IG policy and capacity development in their respective environments.


Ryan Gener, Director of the Visa Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines, describes the programme as follows:

In obtaining the AdGenervanced Diploma in Internet Governance, I took three online courses at DiploFoundation: Introduction to Internet Governance, E-Diplomacy, and Internet Technology and Policy. As a mid-level diplomat exposed mainly to traditional diplomatic concerns, the program provided comprehensive working knowledge on the technical and policy aspects of the international governance of the Internet. The courses provided an overview of Internet governance, probed the challenges and opportunities faced by diplomatic actors in the Internet age, and comprehensively tackled the main online technologies and their nexus with key Internet principles.I was particularly impressed with the in-depth knowledge and diverse backgrounds of the lecturers and my classmates. The online discussions were stimulating and cutting-edge. This is an excellent program for those who wish to understand and help shape the ever-expanding online world.


Gregory Mounier, Head of Outreach at the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), EUROPOL, also shared his thoughts on the programme:


The Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance is ideally suited for busy professionals who need to get a good grasp of the core Internet technical infrastructure and how it relates to global public policy issues. The course material is constantly updated by experts to reflect the latest developments of this fast-paced environment and this leads to extremely interesting and stimulating discussions with fellow students and lecturers. The programme challenges your ideas and broadens your perspectives in how the Internet is really governed.


To learn more about the Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance and other capacity development opportunities in IG please visit Diplo’s Capacity Development in IG page. 

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