Intercultural communication and logical fallacies

Biljana Scott   11 Jun 2018   Diplomacy

[WebDebate summary] Can we teach and learn negotiation skills online?

Andrijana Gavrilovic   15 May 2018   Diplomacy, Webinars

Techplomacy in the US California Bay Area

Pavlina Ittelson   30 Apr 2018   Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy, Internet Governance

[WebDebate summary] Strategies for African States in Multilateral Diplomacy

Andrijana Gavrilovic   23 Mar 2018   Diplomacy, Webinars

State behaviour in cyberspace: a new challenge for the international community

Francesca Casalini and Stefania Di Stefano   13 Mar 2018   Diplomacy, Internet Governance

[WebDebate summary] What is the potential of big data for diplomacy?

Andrijana Gavrilovic   13 Feb 2018   Diplomacy, Webinars

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