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Romina Florenci... (not verified) November 15, 2016

Dear, respectful greetings and thanks for your brilliant text, at this unexpected end of the year, after the Brexit, the peace treaty in Colombia and President Trump. I believe objectively and method of management of organized information, the key points of digital diplomacy. Tics and education, social context, language, training, negotiations (and practices), psychology of the same, agenda in conjunction with other sectors; Innovation and leadership, communications strategy, comparison with corporate CEOs (positive and negative side). Learn from failures and successes, to be more successful, sharing experiences for the common good. The other day I was a rapporteur with other colleagues at an BID-WEF event in Argentina, representing the chapter isoc-argentina, analyzing the digital divide, tics and education, resources, digital economy, development and technology, digital platforms, computer security And data protection. And mainly a constant infrastructure in telecommunications and IT, with adequate training and focused to social demands. I raised the subject of language in DNS, cultural diversity and ethnicity for logic and programming, as Oxford, and my brilliant colleagues brought their approach, an atmosphere of camaraderie, respect, very enjoyable. Best regards and a thousand thanks for this work. Available.

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