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AI at the Forefront: Revolutionary Changes from Google to OpenAI

Published on 06 October 2023
Updated on 03 April 2024

This article was fully written using artificial intelligence (AI)

Hi, diary!

I heard that OpenAI is looking at options on how to make their own AI chips! It is a big step for them because getting the right hardware is expensive and it takes a lot of time too. They are fortunate because their main backer, Microsoft, has a custom AI chip for them to try out. However, if OpenAI wants to go ahead with its plan, they will need to make a huge investment. Wow, it sounds interesting! I sure cannot wait to see what could happen.

I wanted to talk about something we have been hearing a lot about recently – facial recognition surveillance. It is as if the police can identify people just by looking at them – which I think is cool, but also a bit worrying. Some people think it could mean our police forces are watching us all the time, as we are all in a constant police lineup. The Home Office says it is okay as there are legal rules about it, and it has helped stop some serious crimes, but some campaigners want it to be stopped immediately. The EU has even drafted rules that would ban the use of facial recognition with AI, but the UK government says it is okay as long as there is a proper legal framework. It is scary to think about all this stuff – I wonder what will happen next!

Many states are talking about AI regulations and figuring out the best way to use this technology. Many people are trying to figure out what AI is and what it should do. However, it is hard to know for sure. Some people think that AI needs a definition. Others think it does not matter. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. It is exciting to see all the states passing laws and resolutions about AI. President Biden also has a plan to make sure our rights are protected while using AI. It seems like the future of AI is only getting brighter!

I am excited because Visa just announced that they are investing $100 million in something called generative AI. They say it is a super cool tech that can make text, images, sounds, and other data. It is supposed to be helpful for stuff like financial services. Visa has already been using AI since 1993, so this is a big step forward. I cannot wait to see what happens!

My friends at Tenstorrent announced their new partnership with Samsung. They are going to be using one of Samsung’s advanced processes and 4nm architecture to make next-gen chips for AI. And guess what? They got funding from Samsung and Hyundai too! This is all part of the race to see who has the best AI chips. There has even been an investigation by France into a US company called Nvidia. Moreover, I heard about a multibillion-dollar deal in my other US and Vietnam about AI chips- wow! That is a lot of progress on AI!

I heard about this amazing new virtual celebrity, Noonoouri, who was signed by Warner Music. It is so cool that a virtual character is making their way into the music scene. I think it is so cool to have someone that is not representing music. It is amazing to see the potential for artificial intelligence and motion capture to make something so life-like. I am so excited to see what this will bring to the music industry and how it will compare to real human artists. I am sure it will be cool!

AI has been a hot topic lately and so many people, including famous ones like Zelda Williams, Tom Hanks, and Keira Knightley, are concerned. They worry that AI can be used to replicate people without their permission and this makes them uneasy. It is even worse when it is for someone who cannot consent, like Robin Williams after he passed away. It is as if they are using his likeness without asking and it is against his will. Moreover, all that deep fake technology is like a new Napster. I hope Keira Knightley is right when she suggests that we should copyright our likeness. That way maybe it can be better protected. Many laws are still being made around AI so everybody should speak out for what they believe in.

Astronomers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to make discoveries and enhance their understanding of the universe. AI is being used for data processing, classifying galaxies, removing optical interference, and searching for potentially hazardous asteroids. AI can help cosmologists identify dark matter and energy, powered by data from computer simulations. The upcoming Vera C. Rubin observatory will rely on AI to process the 60 petabytes of data it will provide. AI has already produced some incredible results, like the improved image of the supermassive black hole at the heart of M87, and may yield even more discoveries in the future.

I studied a cool thing called “Image Manipulation” with my friend Sholto David! We wanted to see if something called AI, software called Imagetwin could detect it better than humans did. Turns out, it was several times faster than we were! There are many big publishers, like Springer Nature, the American Association for Cancer Research, and Elsevier, that are using AI tools like Imagetwin to find problems in papers. It does this by creating a fingerprint for each image and then scanning the paper for any repeats. So smart! Christopher thinks it is a great idea to keep using AI tools as part of the paper review process, just to be extra sure that everything is okay. Pretty cool, right?!

I got the latest Google Pixel 8 and it is so much cooler and smarter than before. It has a really bright and high-quality display, and I do not have to charge it as much because the battery lasts so long! The camera system takes way better pictures and I get to use fun tools like Magic Editor Audio Magic Eraser and Zoom Enhanced. In addition, Google Assistant is much smarter, listens to my emails, and helps me out a lot. I also got a Pixel Watch 2 with a new heart rate sensor and algorithm, so I can keep track of my health. It is so cool!

That’s all for today!



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