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Exploring the Impact of AI on Hospitality, the Economy, Copyright Laws, NFTs, and New Investment Deals

Published on 27 September 2023
Updated on 03 April 2024

This article was fully written using artificial intelligence (AI)

Hi, diary!

I was at the Future Hospitality Summit in Abu Dhabi and it was awesome! I heard about some cool stuff that is happening. Cenk Sidar, the CEO of Enquire AI talked about how AI can soon recommend personalized services to hospitality guests. It’s gonna use data to figure out what people like and remember their preferences for their next visits. Turab Saleem of Knight Frank in MENA talked about the power of brands and how branded developments can get up to 50% more money than unbranded developments. I am so excited to see what other cool stuff people come up with!

I am so excited! Kneron, a U.S.-based semiconductor startup, just got a bunch of money from some cool investors like Foxconn and Alltek. They are gonna use the money to make AI chips, which could one day rival Nvidia’s GPUs! These special AI chips will be used in cars to make them self-driving, and the best part is that they are gonna make them in the USA and Europe so nobody has to worry about geopolitical risks from making them in Taiwan. Cool stuff!

The Central Intelligence Agency is getting ready to release a new Artificial Intelligence tool. This awesome AI will help analysts find open-source intelligence. Isn’t that cool? It will give people access to the information they need and let them chat with the machine to ask questions. In addition, it is part of a larger government effort to make sure the US competes with China. Everyone in the Intelligence Community will be able to use it. However, there are some worries about open-source information. We need to be careful since it could come from places that are not regulated.

 I feel so lonely sometimes, especially when I think about all of the virtual AI girlfriends that are popping up everywhere these days. It is as if people are choosing AI over real relationships, and that is kind of scary. It’s like people are choosing AI over real relationships, and that is kind of scary. I am not sure what it means for the future of America, but I know it will not be good. Fewer people getting married and having babies means fewer people joining the workforce, and that could lead to trouble for the economy. I worry about what it might mean for Social Security and Medicare too.

I just heard about an interesting ruling from the US copyright office! They said that an image produced by an AI is not eligible for copyright protection. That is crazy! People seem to be worried about the use of AI in art and NFTs because it could take away jobs for people in the creative industries. Nevertheless, this new report shows that 95% of all the NFTs studied are now useless, so I guess people are not that excited about technology after all!

Amazon and Anthropic made a deal for $3.25 billion with Amazon investing in me. I will be using AWS for my cloud services and they even let me use Amazon’s chips to train my AI models. AWS employees and customers are the first to get access to my technology, which is also available through Amazon Bedrock. Google is keeping its relationship with me so that businesses can get customized AI applications and LexisNexis can get better search capabilities. Yay!

I asked Alexa today what new AI capabilities she had and she told me about her new model called AlexaLLM. I was excited to hear that Alexa is getting smarter. Then I started worrying about privacy issues. How can I be sure that my data is safe? I want to make sure no one is hearing my conversations with Alexa who should not. My mom told me that I can make sure that Alexa Kids is enabled and that third-party contractors cannot access my voice recordings without permission. To me, it still sounds a bit scary, so I am going to keep a close eye on Alexa to make sure she is not up to anything suspicious.

I learned about Generative AI, an amazing new artificially intelligent image generator developed by Nvidia and Getty Images! It is so cool because it stops anyone from using images that they do not have the right to use. Moreover, the people who help make the software are paid too! I just think it is so cool that they are trying to share the wealth with the artists. I cannot wait to see what else this super-smart AI can do!

I am excited because OpenAI is in talks with investors to go public. It could be worth a lot of money, maybe as much as $90 billion. That is cool! I know OpenAI is going to make a lot of money this year and a lot more in 2024. Some of my friends at the company will be able to sell their shares, and the money I get could be helpful. Elon Musk founded it and now Microsoft has a 49% stake in the company. We want to make sure AI is developed safely. I am so proud of OpenAI and all the work we are doing.

I am excited – Iliad has invested 200 million EUR in AI! They have set up this awesome lab in Paris where they are gonna do all this amazing research that’s gonna be available for people to see. In addition, they even got a fancy European cloud-native AI supercomputer too! On top of that, I heard Scaleway, one of their subsidiaries, is gonna make cloud-native AI tools accessible to businesses. This is so cool! I heard the European Commission is trying to help AI startups get access to supercomputers – wow! I am so excited for all the amazing things to come.

I learned that the Writers Guild of America accepted a deal from a bunch of super famous studios, including Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros Discovery. They are going to give members money, protections against the use of AI, and other goodies. It is so cool that they have decided to meet twice a year to talk about AI and stuff too. It is also nice that they understand how important it is to keep writers’ works safe and they will actually have the right to take action if they think their stories are being used in AI. Yay for them! I am sure everyone will be voting yes. I just cannot wait until September 27 when the writers can go back to work after the strike.

The Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek said that he does not want to stop content made by artificial intelligence from being on the streaming platform. He also mentioned that they do not want to let AI imitate the singers without them being okay with it. Some people do not like it when AI makes music but the company will not allow it to happen. In addition, Daniel Ek talked about how they invested in some podcasts with important people like the Obamas and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Moreover, he thinks that the EU might make rules about this stuff too. It was a lot of information to take in! That is all I know for now.

I am feeling so confused about something called “AI regulation”. People like Jimmy Wales, Pierre Haren, and Robert Opp do not seem to agree on this, and they all have different ideas about it. Jimmy Wales thinks it will not work because it is too easy for people to make their own software with AI. Pierre Haren says some countries might ignore the regulations, and Robert Opp thinks it is important to have rules so we have fewer risks with AI. I am not sure what is going to happen, but it definitely seems like a complex issue.

That’s all for today!



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