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Successful completion of IG programme for MENA region
By Editor on 1 Apr 2014 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

The Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme for participants from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), organised by Hivos in collaboration with DiploFoundation and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), has successfully concluded.

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Twitter bans, Facebook drones, public or private networks: e-Diplomacy futures
By petecranston on 31 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
E-diplomacy, Internet Governance

Twitter use in Turkey dropped when a ban on the platform was introduced. This simple fact was obscured by the excitement and celebration that in the days immediately after the ban Twitter traffic increased as people found ways around the block.

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Oops! What did I do wrong?
By Mary on 26 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:

In what had the nation reeling and rolling its collective eyes to heaven as it let out a cry of disbelief last month, an Irish homeowner who set up a website to show his CCTV footage of bad boys caught in the act of burglarising his home was told by the Irish Data Protection Commission that 'he...

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Europe’s role in shaping the future of the Internet
By Editor on 26 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

The European Commission is undoubtedly a very active player in the Internet governance (IG) process.

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The articulate diplomat’s best friends: book donations to the Myanmar MFA
By Editor on 25 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:

DiploFoundation recently was honored to contribute tangibly to the growth and development of diplomacy in Myanmar through a donation of multiple copies of 16 titles (in both print and e-book format). The books were handed over to the Myanmar Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E.

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Climate scientists beat economists at predicting the future
By Mary on 20 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
Climate Change

'The public is constantly told by the media that climate science can’t be trusted, the models are flawed, and action on climate change is a costly gamble. But when you compare original predictions with what actually happened, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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"More inclusive and effective diplomacy is a necessity"
By Editor on 20 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
Diplomacy, Home

‘Diplo’s work on making diplomacy more inclusive and effective is a necessity of our time. We need to engage the broader society in crucial discussions on the future of our world’, explained the Hon.

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‘Yes, we scan’: Internet politics, placebos, antibiotics, and homeopathy
By Editor on 18 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
E-diplomacy, Internet Governance

Diplo’s Dr Jovan Kurbalija attended the Panel on cyber surveillance ‘Yes We Scan’ on the 14th of March at the Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights...

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Webinar digest: Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (March 2014)
By Vladimir Radunovic on 16 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance, Webinars

To assist diplomats in grasping the complexity of this multidisciplinary and  multistakeholder political environment, and to bring them up to speed on what to follow, when to follow it, and how to follow it, the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), hosted by DiploFoundation, offers a monthly Geneva...

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Five things not to do for a webinar
By arvin on 13 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
E-tools, Webinars

So you think you know all about webinars? You know that webinars are virtual classrooms that include live audio and video from the presenter. Many organisations use webinars as a live classroom for education, promotion, or just in time business meetings with colleagues or a wider audience.