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The New Media landscape
By Mary on 6 Jan 2014 | From the channel/s:

New Media is a broad term that can refer to everything from interactive photo and video displays to social blogging platforms, and those who are able to integrate all types of media into compelling narratives will be the most successful journalists.

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Sharing professional experience to enhance humanitarian diplomacy practice
By Editor on 3 Jan 2014 | From the channel/s:

DiploFoundation and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have worked together to offer an...

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Center to Periphery (Part II): territorial sovereignty in Chinese cyberspace
By Nicholas Dynon on 31 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

In late November, Reuters reported Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google Inc, as forecasting that the rise of social media in China will lead to liberalization.

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Can technology help preserve elements of culture in the Digital Age?
By Editor on 19 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

A common argument raised against the adoption of digital technology in non-Western cultures is that its proliferation contributes to erosion of local cultural values and practices.

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Mandela, a giant of empathy
By Jovan Kurbalija on 17 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:

As a lot is being written these days about a great man, I thought I’d add a  few lines about what he meant to me. Before I went to South Africa three years ago he was a remarkable historical figure, but somehow distant, belonging to the text I read on the end of apartheid.

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[Guest blog] The Internet of Things: keeping pace with technology
By Editor on 16 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

What differentiates the Internet of Things (IoT) from today’s Internet-in-general is the belief that one day everything can be online and accessible. The IoT lives connected to the Internet, as we know it today; it is not a separate Internet.

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Webinar digest - International Law for Diplomats
By Editor on 16 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
Diplomacy, Webinars

This webinar first discussed why international law has not been a subject much discussed or widely understood by diplomats, despite the fact that they are in the front lines, creating international law on a daily basis.

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'It's two million, dude': more on reach and tracking social media
By petecranston on 12 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:

I might have been a little provocative in my blog-post about 'nonsense numbers' in the tracking of online reach and engagement, but the reactions suggest that some people at least agreed with my cynicism.

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Webinar digest: Information gathering in the post Snowden era
By Editor on 9 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
E-diplomacy, Webinars

This webinar  tackled the question of information gathering on the Internet, and the impact of Edward Snowden’s revelations on same.

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International inviolability for the root zone?
By Jovan Kurbalija on 9 Dec 2013 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

The root zone has been one of the most controversial issues in the internet governance debate.