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IPR regime: a barrier to innovation?
By Editor on 27 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

The correlations between the IPR protection regime on one side, and innovation and growth on the other, were the main topics explored on 19 March at a roundtable on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World...

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Internet governance, e-diplomacy discussed during Asian lecture tour
By Editor on 25 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
E-diplomacy, Internet Governance

The Internet poses a wide range of challenges for modern diplomacy, including how to protect national cybersecurity, how to govern the Internet on the global level, and how to keep up with the content policy dynamics.

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Geneva Internet Platform looks ahead to upcoming digital policy processes
By Editor on 23 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

A year on, the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) has successfully cemented its status as a neutral and inclusive space for digital policy discussions, drawing on Geneva’s position as a global hub for policy processes.

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Understanding United Nations reform. Ten theoretical clues: (6) Universality and regionalism
By Petru Dumitriu on 18 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:

Another possible vector for a meaningful strategy of reform is turning into better account the potential of regionalism in achieving the goals of the United Nations (UN).

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New technologies, concepts on display at 2015 Geneva Auto Show
By Editor on 18 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

Is the car a place for pleasure, fun, and relaxation? Or rather a source of anxiety, where drivers lose their way or get stuck in traffic jams? Or perhaps it increasingly looks like a mobile office?

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Cloud collections: legal, scientific, and technical aspects of the digitisation of art
By Editor on 16 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

With the emergence of Web 2.0 and the proliferation of new digital technologies, there is a growing public demand for free, accessible, and engaging online content, extending to the realm of art.

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What is Diplomacy? Towards Education Diplomacy?
By Katharina Hone on 11 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:

'New diplomacy' has become somewhat of a buzzword. In its current form it mainly describes new actors becoming more visible in the diplomatic process. We have also seen new terms such as health diplomacy being used more frequently.

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Build a legacy for future generations, connect bridges: some suggestions for future action
By Editor on 6 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance

The CONNECTing the Dots conference at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, on 3-4 March, concluded with the adoption of an...

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Online WORLD and its movements...
By Simona Cioroiu on 5 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s:
E-tools, Internet Governance, Home

As the old saying goes, there are two sides to every coin. Some positive and also some negative movements have been noticed lately around Bitcoin. Finally, after a long period of decline, the Bitcoin price has started to increase.