First full AI-reporting from the UN meeting

DiploFoundation provided The UN Security Council debate «Futureproofing trust for sustaining peace» (UN SC meeting 9315), held in New York on 3 May 2023.

DiploGPT provided just-in-time AI reporting from this six-hour event, organised by Switzerland on the occasion of the start of its UN SC presidency in May 2023. You can consult DiploGPT-generated report from the UN SC debate

DiploGPT can produce a wide-ranging and comprehensive set of reports and analyses based on live or recorded debates. This system is particularly beneficial for small and developing countries that do not have the human and institutional capacity to follow numerous UN meetings. With the help of AI, they can follow and integrate the impact of UN processes on climate change, health, development and other pressing issues that affect them directly. 

Conceived in Geneva by the Swiss-Maltese organisation DiploFoundation, DiploGPT is already a game changer in the fields of diplomacy and negotiations. Diplo’s reporting tool combines customised algorithms, specialised data sets for diplomacy, and the capabilities of a large language model (LLM). 

You can learn more about AI reporting here.