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Digital governance in International Geneva in 2023: What to expect and how to respond


Authors: Jovan Kurbalija and Stephanie Borg Psaila Predicting the future is a tricky a...

WEF 2023: Is Davos becoming tech shy?

Jovan Kurbalija

17 January 2023

Geneva diplomacy

The World Economic Forum has always been enthusiastic about tech. Th...

Nature and digital: A historical view from Geneva

Jovan Kurbalija

Three hundred years ago, Charles Bonnet was born in the thriving intellectual epicentre of Geneva. Botanist, lawyer, philosopher, psychologist, and politician were but a few parts of what was a rich life of academic p...

Gender and diplomatic training – towards better curricula and holistic approaches

Katharina Höne

Our WebDebate in November focused on the question: ‘What is needed for a curriculum on Gender and Diplomacy in diplomatic training academies?’ The debate produced the first building blocs for a curriculum and pilo...

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