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Diplomacy and spying

Aldo Matteucci

Governments have been caught spying on each other. So what else is new? Before making informed decisions, governments weigh the benefits and costs of action. To this end, they gather, b...

New Germany’s digital foreign policy strategy: Between continuity and change

Jovan Kurbalija

13 February 2024

Digital foreign policy

Digital is a strategic priority for Germany. It is the key message of Germany\'s Strategy for International Digital Foreign Policy, released on February 7, 2024. Germany has joined Denmark, Switz...


Antalya Diplomacy Forum 2024

01 Mar 24 - 03 Mar 24


Visit to Nairobi by DiploTeam

09 Nov 23 - 10 Nov 23

Kenya, Africa

Start of contemporary diplomacy courses

05 Oct 20 - 05 Oct 20


CyberMediation conference

19 Nov 19 -


Training course in mediation

25 Feb 18 - 02 Mar 18

Serbia, Southeast Europe

From Telegraph to Twitter

30 Jun 14 -

Switzerland, Southeast Europe, Serbia

Diplomatic reporting in the Internet era Event

15 May 14 - 15 May 14


[Webinar] E-participation

21 May 13 -



German Strategy for International Digital Policy

The German government's Strategy for International Digital Policy outlines their commitment to safeguarding democracy and freedom online, promoting human rights, advocating for a global, open, free, and secure internet, enhancing technology partnerships, supporting cro... Read more...


Tech diplomacy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area

A fresh look five years after the first mapping in 2018, this report examines how countries engage in tech diplomacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The report maps a selection of diplomatic representations to illustrate the variety of approaches engaged and identifies ... Read more...

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[HOW-TO] How to use GoBrunch for hosting an event

GoBrunch is a platform for webinars and meetings, which creates a positive engagement among participants. It is very easy to use, it only takes a few minutes to create your room.... Read more...


[HOW-TO] How to use Airmeet for hosting an event

Airmeet is a versatile virtual networking and video conferencing platform suitable for various events, including informal gatherings, panel discussions, and workshops.... Read more...

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[HOW-TO] How to use SpatialChat for hosting an event

SpatialChat is a virtual space where people can meet and talk about different topics. The experience is similar to Zoom breakout rooms, but SpatialChat might be an easier solution for online social events since it allows participants to move freely between groups or fo... Read more...


[HOW-TO]: Enabling closed caption on your Zoom account

One of the popular Zoom tools is auto-generated captions. From now on, all Zoom Meetings accounts have access to them, the free and the licensed ones.... Read more...

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[HOW-TO] How to use the Mentimeter app in Zoom

Mentimeter has recently become available in the Zoom Marketplace, making it easier to use during online meetings. Mentimeter is an online voting tool that enables more effective and interactive meetings. You can use this powerful combination of Zoom and Mentimeter toge... Read more...

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[HOW-TO] How to use Mozilla Hubs for hosting an event

Hubs is a place where you can meet people in a 3D environment.... Read more...