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Technological innovation is creating new possibilities. Artificial intelligence developments are moving at a fast pace, and the applications of blockchain are increasing.

21st century life is fundamentally shaped by digital technology. Comprehending the discourse of ‘cyber’, ‘digital’, and ‘technology’ seems as taxing as it does problematic.

Dr Bastiaan Quast is a researcher at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The second Western Balkans Digital Summit will bring together more than 3 000 participants to take regional digital co-operation to the next level.

Ms Melinda Clem is Vice President Strategy for Afilias, the world’s second largest domain name registry.

Al-based applications are already in use in numerous areas of life and present a great opportunity to increase prosperity and growth.

Populism is spreading. The global economy is more fragile. A trade war between the USA and China is under way. And tech companies are arousing growing angst.

The de-briefing will inform the Geneva Internet community and other interested parties about the outcome of these meetings and their plans for the future.

Low and middle income countries are rolling out sophisticated digital identification systems.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Dr Tereza Horejsova is currently based in Washington DC. Joining Diplo in 2012, Tereza has had an international career in academia and the non-governmental secto


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