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No single global entity regulates the Internet.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, will discuss some key aspects of the report, as well as the role that Geneva and its surrounding region can play in building an inclusive and tr

The Indonesia Lokadata Conference (ILOC) 2019 will address the most strategic issue in data discourse: How data is used to make policies.

After its promotion in November last year in Beijing, the Chinese translation of ‘An Introduction to Internet Governance’ is now a

The challenges in the digital sphere are met with a multitude of calls for action and declarations worldwide.

Technological innovation is creating new possibilities. Artificial intelligence developments are moving at a fast pace, and the applications of blockchain are increasing.

21st century life is fundamentally shaped by digital technology. Comprehending the discourse of ‘cyber’, ‘digital’, and ‘technology’ seems as taxing as it does problematic.


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Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

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